Welcome to Porous Pave

Winner of Design Build 2018 innovation award!

Porous Pave offers an innovative new range of products which allow liquids to drain through them.

As regulations further limit stormwater runoff, it is becoming more expensive for property owners to develop real estate, due to the size and expense of the necessary drainage systems.

Porous Pave Pavement and Pavers reduces the runoff from paved areas, which reduces the need for separate stormwater retention ponds and allows the use of smaller capacity stormwater pipes. This allows property owners to develop a larger area of available land at a lower cost.

Porous Pave also naturally filters stormwater and can reduce pollutant loads entering into creeks, rivers and  ocean. Porous Pave functions like a stormwater retention basin and allows the stormwater to infiltrate the soil over a large area, which facilitates recharging of precious ground water supplies locally. All of these benefits lead to more effective land use.